Join us today!

Got a question? Here are some that we almost always get asked:

Is this something that will really suit me?

You can only get the answer to that question if you come and get more information than we can put in the pages of this website. Do you like a challenge? Do you want to do something totally different? Do you want to get involved in something that becomes a talking point with friends?

What if I don’t have much spare time?

Can you spare one night a week to attend meetings? Whilst we say 1 night a week, we do understand that family and work come first (and in that order) but we also remind you that to get the most from your membership you should attend as regularly as possible. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

What will I get out of joining?

You’ll get a whole new set of friends and a fresh view on life, together with a chance to develop skills that you never knew were possible.

Are there any age restrictions?

We take men from the age of 21 years upwards. Our youngest member is in their 30’s and our oldest in his 90’s with all ages in between. The senior members can learn from the young and vice versa and it’s amazing how it broadens you outlook on life when you talk to others across the generations.

Is it all very serious?

The work we do in the Lodge is the serious side (most of the time) but we then enjoy ourselves in the same way you would do with a group of friends at the pub or out for a meal.

Is there anything in it for my wife and family?

We have social events throughout the year where wives and family can be involved and get to know everyone else. Although we are a “men only” lodge (there are also Ladies Lodges in the area) we appreciate the support of our wives, partners, girlfriends and families give us to help us enjoy our freemasonry and we are keen to ensure they have opportunities to meet each other and make new friends themselves.

How do I get to know more?

Take the first step and make contact using our Contact Page. You could arrange to come around and see how we spend our evenings and learn more about the history and general aims of our organisation and lodge. You never know, you may already know someone who is a lodge member and you never realised. Plenty of members have had that experience.