What We Do

What is Freemasonry...

Freemasonry is a historic institution whose basic precepts is to promote charity for the less fortunate , make all men aware of their duty to society and in so doing it has a habit of making good men better.

Freemasonry is also progressive and moves with the times and here in the Lodge of Benevolence we understand that time stands still for no one therefore it is paramount that we have dynamic thinking members to drive us into the twenty first century. This of course can only be done with a healthy infrastructure and by recruiting new younger members who can help us mould to the needs of modern society as and when it changes.

We strive to utilise the many talents of our members whilst upholding the traditions of strong family values and social friendships built up over the years. A strong social calendar helps us achieve this including fun nights, cabaret nights and a formal ladies night where with our partners we join together, and where we open our doors to friends who are not freemasons thus promoting our organisation with total transparency.

After one of these nights nineteen years ago I joined the Lodge of Benevolence as their new initiate and hope that I have become a caring, concerned, friendly member who is willing to help and advise future candidates with that compassion and brotherly love that touched me and moulded me in to the person I am today.

I can honestly say that one of my greatest decisions was to join the Lodge of Benevolence and become a freemason.